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"Psycho Dave has the honor of possibly being the weirdest guy I ever met. He's also the one who introduced me to "Bob," so that should give you an idea of his tastes. He was a heavy-duty SubGenius reverend for a while, but he schizmed away and formed his own denomination, which he refers to as Recreational Christianity. This consists of merciless Christian-bashing and laughing at anal retentive religious nuts who think the Bible is the ultimate source of knowledge. Psycho Dave specializes in the really weird, the disgusting and revolting, and the rude-and-crude. Of course his page isn't for the faint hearted. (Dave hangs out on alt.atheism most of the time these days.) His page gives you a glimpse of many of the stupid, anal-retentive, closed-minded ideas foisted upon us under the guise of 'religion'."
-- Rev. Modemac (Modemac@tiac.net), Webmaster of The First Online Church of "Bob"
"Psycho Dave is a scary guy who used to be my roommate. His page is not for the faint of heart."
Webmaster@goddamn.com, Editor and creator of The Goddamn Web Site
"Need entertainment at your kid's next birthday party? We'd like to suggest ... Psycho Dave."
-- Catch Of The Day (www.catch.com/cotd.html)
"Our new favorite site here at Disinformation. Psycho Dave loves goofing on televangelists. This site is wickedly funny but not for the easily offended."
-- Disinformation E-Mag (www.disinformation.com)
"Read Psycho Dave's essay, The Big, Bad Atheists? This piece is considerably more optimistic than mine, but then I have a reputation to live up to (the reputation of being a acerbic, self-righteous, complete bastard)."
-- George Wambaugh III (Webmaster@cyberfunk.com)
"Confutatis Maledictis" to motto Psycho Dave'a. Koniecznie zobaczcie Recreational Christianity Section Mnstwo linkw do antychrzecijaskich stron."
-- Ciemna Jama Jaryy (Polish E-Zine)
"Your twisted source for links to the dark underside of the Net, including kooky reactionary christians, hate-mongers, and people who listen to little voices that come from the ceiling. I've met this guy and he's every bit as intelligent and bizzare as his site. He also writes all the MIDI music for it: some good stuff. Check him out!"
-- The Mirage Institute (lez69@gci-net.com)
"For something completely different, try Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place. It's a little weird (well, more than a little) and not for the weak-kneed. I take no responsibility; I just like to visit."
-- Anne Hamilton (anne@westnet.com)
"Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place is my kinda place, mostly because I'm into the sick and the weird, much the way he is. I choose not to look at highway accidents, but that's usually because I'm the one behind the wheel. All other gore is fair game."
-- Diane Patterson (diane@goonsquad.spies.com)
"Psycho Dave's Collection of Links: Una de las pagias de links mas enfermas de la web. Excelente iniciacion a todo el lado oscuro, enfermo, estupido y revolucionario. Por categorias."
-- Volver a CONTRACULTURA (a Spanish-language E-Zine)
-- TV-X WebZine
"Never met the man, but I hope to buy him a beer someday."
-- Jason & Heather Steiner
-- ?????? (From Japan)