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Philosophers have always been the most hated members of society, primarily because they force us to think about issues that we are uncomfortable with, or they challenge the accepted paradigms that society and religion set up as standards for us to follow. Today, the fastest growing philosophical trend is toward Atheism. Atheism has been around since ancient Greece, maybe even before that. Soccrates was put on trial for many things, including not believing in any of the gods. Atheists have been universally hated throughout history, but nobody ever seems to have been hurt by them. Christians will drag up Hitler and Stalin, claiming that they were atheists who killied millions, but the fact of the matter is that Hitler was not an atheist, and used Christianity and the church as a tool to promote antisemitism (as the church did centuries before him), and Stalin was a madman whose religion was Communism.

Atheism is all over the net. Modern, materialistic atheism, with a strong background in classical and modern logic and science, adds up to a powerful philosophical tool that is rapidly etching out validity for atheism. These links are all sites that specialize in atheism and issues related to it. I even have some Christian web sites that specialize in atheist issues, or that have been intellectual opponents of net atheists in debates and discussions.

Atheist Organizations On the Web

Information and Resources for atheists

The following sites have information or are dedicated to a single topic concerning atheism.

Atheist Discussion Boards on the web

These sites are discussion groups where atheists and religious people can discuss various topics relating to atheism and religion. Some are on the scholarly side, while others are just people arguing with or making fun of each other. There's something for everyone!

Just for fun

These sites are not entirely serious, and are more like my own page -- for entertainment and recreation. There are some serious intellectual things in them, but mostly they're for fun!