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The one thing that Christianity has going for it is an incredibly old, large, and financially powerful promotional instutution. Whether Catholic or Protestant, churches get lots of money donated to them, and that money is used to promote a belief system that for millions, is just fine and dandy, but in the wrong hands, is miserable. Christianity is so powerful that it's paradigms have been the norm for centuries. Artists, Scientists, Doctors, Philosophers, and freethinkers have all felt the wrath of Christianity, especially when they challenged the official church-mandated paradigms of their day. Christianity has been controlling people for so long, that most people take it and it's philosophy for granted, even though when you seriously apply logic and scientific investigation to it, it falls apart into a series of logical fallacies and assertions without proof.

I link these pages so that atheist friends of mine can find potential debate adversaries, have a laugh at some pretty lame attempts to convert people, and to show as examples of people who take Christianity too far. Enjoy.

Your own personal Jesii...

These links are all people who feel that the ultimate goal in their life is to convert your sinful ass to whatever they happen to believe in. They are all individuals who either think they are messiahs, think they have special prophetic or interpretive skills, or think they know everything.


Every Creationist is a kook. Trust me on this one. I have been a member in good standing of many Creationist organizations, collecting their literature, watching them debate, and debating them myself. Their pantheon of primary writers are notoriously dishonest, consistantly misquote science literature and misrepresent scientific facts.

Christians to laugh at

Kooky Kristians with bizarre, esoteric, or off-the-wall views that may amuse you or frighten you, depending on who you are. Each one of these pages has something on it that made me laugh, so I think there's enough reason to believe that others will get a kick out of them, too...

Evil Evanglists On-Line!

Evil Pro-life/Anti-choice/Anti-women's rights Nazis

Pretty self-explanatory.

Christian Journals and Organizations

These Christians have magazines, newsletters, occaisionally make headlines in the news, and often have representatives speak on TV News or Christian Television shows.

Misc. Evil Christians

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