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I have always had a fascination with kooks. When I was a kid, I was into UFOs, telepathy, and all that new-agey stuff, but like most sane individuals, I realized before long that most of it was crap. For some individuals, the matter of spirits, flying saucers, spoon-bending, or forcasting the future is a lifelong obsession, almost a religion. For others, it **IS** a religion.

Luckily, most kooks in life are entertaining and harmless, and you can enjoy them for free. TV news magazines love them, and so don't tabloids like the National Enquirer and World Weekly News. How can you not love these people? Kooks have always been with us, from the village idiot of medieval times, to the weird people that you see talking to statues or pidgeons. Though some kooks definitely cannot help being kooky (and we should feel sorry for some of them), others are proud to be kooky. I love all kooks, for without them, we would have nothing to laugh at.

Kook Hunters!

These are people like yours trully, who hunt down kooks on the net, and display them in their little private museums...

Kooks on the loose...

These are people who have their own link to some cosmic truth source...

Transcendental Masturbation: All about the Maharishi

Ever since the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi came to America and was discovered by the Beatles (who eventually rejected his teachings), the good ol' bearded weirdo has been cooking up all sorts of ways to cash in on the world's oldest money-making business, religion. It all started with the offering of TM (Transcendental Meditation) classes to gullible hippies and yuppies, who would pay hundreds of dollars to learn how to relax and clear their minds. But get this -- he also claims to have "...created a new science -- the Science of Creative Intelligence®...", which is the first "science" to be COPYRIGHTED, apparently! He also "...discovered the constitution of the Universe -- the lively potential of Natural Law...", "...formulated his Absolute Theories of Government, Education, Health, and Defense to raise every area of life to perfection...", "...brought to light the full potential of Ayur-Veda, Gandarva Veda, Dhanur-Veda, Sthapatya Veda, and Jyotish to create a disease-free and problem-free family of nations...", and "...established the grand unity of all material diversity of creation, of all sciences, and of all religions..."

In other words, the Maharishi has mastered the great science of BULLSHITTING. Here are links to all of the known TM organizations on the web.

The Evil of Scientology on the Net

The Church Of Scientology has made itself the focus of evil on the net, through a series of desperate and underhanded dirty tricks designed at keeping it's "secret" information from being spread about the net for all to see. You see, there are many secrets that the Church of Scientology wants to protect, because most members have to PAY MONEY to get them. By claiming that their copyright is violated, and that they are losing potential profit from the spread of their secrets, the Church has managed to trash people's lives in pursuit of protecting it's secrets. These web sites are devoted to keeping an eye on them.

Your own personal Jesii...

These links are either by or about Kooky Kristians, whom most other Christians would prefer you stay away from...

Randomly Assorted Retards

These people are not into any religious Philosophies, but are kooks, nonetheless. They are quacks, fetishists, and other people who were dropped on their heads when they were very young.