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Well, I suppose Talk-Back listeners have heard the big news that the Bobster is moving into the secular market.

Unexpected?! Surprising?!

Not really.

This is the type of move that Bob has been wanting to do for some time. But why he has decided to do it now, with all the heat coming down on him, just displays Larson penchant for bad tactical moves at the wrong time.

This is the basic deal. Bob wants to move into secular market because

a) that's where the $$$$$ is at, b) he can stop crying about getting donations, and rely on commercial underwriting, c) he would no longer be held to the "Christian" standard (whatever that is) d) avoid the flak from his evanglical brothers, and enter the arena of Rush Limbaugh and Howard Stern.

Bob sees a profit opportunity, get BLM to front some of the money along with other radio station owners), and hits the secular market. if it flops, then BLM takes most of the loss, and Bob sits there back to square one, but not broke. If he succeeds, Larson get obnoxiously wealthy, dumps "Talk-Back", possibly chucks the Ministry, and lives happily ever after.


Well, Bob must think that his troubles will leave him, but with more media exposure, more attention will be made to Larson's troubles of the past two years. And that's where his critics come in. It would be a REAL SHAME if the his first callers on his new talk show just happen to be persons with legitimate questions about his finances, his actions towards Ken Smith, his ghostwriters for "his" books, his reported affairs, his treatment of employees... etc.

I will be combing through the radio stations here in Michigan for Bob's voice at 6pm, and I hope many of you across North America will as well. It would be rather interesting to hear if Bob's 'panic button' ends up deleting half the show from the inevitable inundation of calls from critics.

So, everyone pull out their printouts of Ken's articles and prepare for a possibly interesting time!

And for all those who have been posting me about any future articles about Larson, you will not wait long. Ken is preparing a new article that should be posted to the Net in about one week. It's been while, so it will be nice to have some fresh material, and there is. If anyone has heard of adverts for Bob's new talk show on any station, post me about it. I'd really be interested in which stations would carry Bob.

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Date: Friday, April 22, 1994 11:23am

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Bob Larson's Talk-Back is heard daily on over 170 stations in North America. The Denver-based ministry that Larson heads is supposed to be the "cutting-edge" in Christian broadcasting (or that's what Larson would like you to believe ). But the real Bob Larson, and the real motives of his work with the ministry is becoming more apparent as critics are now taking a probing look into the radio show, the ministry, and Bob Larson himself.

This is a collection of files that discuss the perceived problems with Bob Larson's ministry.

  readme      Description of this file collection
  larson1.txt Christian or Charlatan?
  larson2.txt CPR review of Ken Smith
  larson3.txt Looking out for Number One
  larson4.txt Bob Larson (sort of) Talks-Back
  larson5.txt Sex and the Sinful Minister
  larson6.txt Bob Larson: The Cowering Inferno
  larson7.txt Twenty Questions: Ken Smith Talks Back
  larson8.txt Bob Larson: The $64,000 Question  Bob Larson collection - updated as new files are added

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