( The Society for Hacking Idiot Televangelists )

Last Updated 11-27-97

Dedicated to the Hacking of Religious Web Pages, and the spreading of Counter-Evangelism on the World Wide Web.

Many of you may have seen the following clever hack that someone did of Pat Robertson's CBN home page. I saw it just before CBN closed down their website, and someone sent me a screen-capture of it, which is below. This page is dedicated to the bizarre and humorous (and plain old tasteless) hacks that people have done to various religious websites, or at least ideas of how people would like to alter evangelical websites. Though I cannot legally advocate the hacking of websites, I can say that I love seeing the handiwork of people who have done it.

This is what a friend of mine proposes for the American Family Association Web page at www.afa.net:

If you have a weird idea of how you would like to see a website altered, send a picture of it to me, and if it;s funny, I'll put it here.


Please do not hack into websites that are not your own. It is bad, bad, bad... Naughty naughty naughty. If you hack other people's websites, your conscience will haunt you forever, and if you get caught, some federal agency might whack your pee-pee.