>Comments: Authenticated sender is 
>From: "Reba Parkinson" 
>Organization: Chick Publications
>To: Mirage 
>Date: Fri, 1 May 1998 14:32:32 -0800
>Subject: Illegal Activity
>Reply-to: reba@chick.com
>Priority: normal
>Message to the creator of Mirage.
>We received your contact making us aware that you have posted the
>Chick tract title, "The Sissy," by Jack T. Chick on your website,
>altering the text to change its message. The purpose of this email is
>to remind you that both the text and the artwork for "The Sissy" is
>copyrighted by Jack T. Chick (I see the original copyright included in
>your scan). On behalf of Mr. Chick I need to ask you to remove his
>copyrighted artwork from your website today, and refrain from using
>his material in the future. You certainly have the right to free
>speech, for whatever your own personal message may be, but we must ask
>you not to use copyrighted material in your efforts. Thank you for
>your cooperation in this matter.
>A copy of this message is being forwarded to your internet service
>Reba Parkinson
>Customer Service
>Chick Publications Inc.