What is WeirdCrap.Com?

WierdCrap.Com is exactly what you think it is. It's a collection of Weird Crap. Created by Psycho Dave, and inspired by lunatics, weirdos, mental defectives, kooks, cranks, and idiots of all kinds, WeirdCrap.Com's entire purpose is to entertain, inform, and entertain some more. WeirdCrap.Com is INFOTAINMENT.

What is Infotainment?

Infotainment is Information disguised as Entertainment, or Entertainment disguised as Information. Whichever defintion you chose to go by, the nature of infotainment is to entertain people while making them feel that they've been informed at the same time. Of course, the informational aspect of infotainment can be ignored if the user so decides.

What happened to Psycho Dave's Dark and Scary Place?

It's still here. Only the name has changed. Most of the original content has remained unchanged. This site remains unchanged for many reasons -- To act as a kind of museum, but mostly because I'm a really lazy old fart.

Originally called "Psycho Dave's Dark And Scary Place", the site originated in 1994, as the company I worked for got onto the new Internet thing, and gave all employees their own websites to "do with as they pleased". Boy did I make them regret that decision! It's hard to believe that prior to 1994, there were hardly any businesses on the web, then ShIpOoPeE! everyone and their brother was on it. Within a few months of the debut of my gallery of gross-outs, my boss told me to take it private, and I did, as they forced everyone to make their websites follow an official company-approved format. I can hear everyone saying "Gee, THANKS A LOT, ASSHOLE!" (Well, nobody said that to me... but if they knew I had anything to do with it, they would!) Ever since then, I've been keeping this place up, adding to it, letting it stagnate, and moving it around. I want to do more, but it sucks up time and well, I got a job, a life, and other interests.

Why WeirdCrap.Com and not Psycho_Dave.Com?

Why not?

Who is Psycho Dave?

To find out who or what this Psycho Dave is, Click the following Links. Are you really sure you need to know more? Trust me, you don't need to know. Okay, if you insist... You got your warning!