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The First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States is the greatest piece of political theory ever committed to an actual working government. It gives us the right to disagree with each other, and most importantly, with our own government. Subversion is an important part of societal evolution. Without subversives, society wouldn't come to terms with it's own hypocrisy. The greatest thing that any person can do for their country is to put a mirror up to the face of society as a whole, and let it see it's own hypocrisy.

The Underground on the internet really isn't underground, per se -- anyone can access it, and it's far from being hidden. What is underground is what it on the sites in question. Information that is of questionable value, or is patently not for consumption by Ken-and-Barbie suburbanites, is what these places specialize in. I think it would be great for society if everyone knew how to pick locks, make bombs, hide things, and modify technology that the government regulates. If everyone knew these things, we'd all be wiser, smarter, and more technical out of neccesity. If everyone knew how to pick locks, people would be more apt to protect their property in more sensible ways. If everyone knew how to make bombs, people would be smarter at detecting them, and report suspicious activity that they recognize as bomb-related.

I dedicate this section to all those people who want to give society and government a big, swift kick in the ass.

Censorship/Human Rights Related Stuff

Censorship of free speech and book banning/burning is one of the worst things a society or government can do, no matter what the media. Free Speech transcends the medium. These links contain sites about censorship and banned books. I hope the truth about American censorship really pisses you off.

Privacy and Anonymity On The Net

To some degree, all the free email programs on the net, like Hotmail, Yahoo mail, and others, provide numerous ways for you to hide your identity, or create characters to hide behind. But here are lots of free utilities and web sites that can help you take your quest for net anonymity even further.

Free Anonymous Proxy Services
Proxy services are websites that allow you to surf the web without anyone being able to detect your IP number. They can also be used to access sites that may be blocked by your company's server.

Anonymous Email and Encryption
These sevices and programs allow you to send email without other people being able to figure out who is sending it to them, or they allow you to send messages that only authorized people can read.
Data protection
These programs allow you to either encrypt a file so that only you and people that you authorize can see it, or they allow you to trully delete a file from your hard drive so that nobody can recover it.

How-to guides online

This section contains links to sites that offer information to help you learn useful survival and subversion skills, such as lock-picking, bomb-making, escape and evasion, or my favorite -- CREATIVE REVENGE TACTICS!

Underground Zines and Subversive Web sites, and Trully Tasteless Stuff...

Subversive humor and art on-line to entertain armchair and hardcore subversives alike. If anything, they are great places to find more subversive links at. You can get pissed at or just laugh at the hipocrisy that these zines showcase.

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