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Last Updated on 1-19-2000

The land of links is not just another collection of links collected from someone's bookmark file. It is not like like all of the other collections of links that people tend to have on the web. What makes this collection of links different from most others is the editorial commentary that goes into every entry. I don't just tell you what's at a link; I tell you what I think of it. I even provide interesting quotes from some particularly weird sites to let the people explain themselves what weirdos they are.

The Land of Links is a compendium of the weird on the web. It's never complete. It will keep growing and growing. Please enjoy it, as well as my humorous editorial writing, which many of you have written in appreciation of. My goal is not so much to be complete or comprehensive, as much as it is to entertain. These links are a gift to everyone out there who enjoys hunting for weirdness as much as I do.

Please write to me to tell me of broken links or moved web sites. Because the web is in a constant state of change, and because I have so many links, it is difficult for me to visit all the links all the time to keep them 100% up-to-date. Keep the fan mail and the hate mail coming, and Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke.

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