Ok ok....  this thing is really long but I don't post often so...  I'm making
up for it.   Besides....this is really GREAT!

I was not on irc #atheism for this logged session...this was fwded to me by a
guy on the channel by the name of RevDave...

Enjoy! ;)


>Session Start: Sun Jan 21 18:29:52 1996
>*** Now talking in #atheism
> brice: hey, that's what draws the line between
>you and me. I'm intelligent enought to use unix and
>have complete controll over my system, wereas you are
>a slug.
> kdm: How old are you now?
> Hey Lev!
>-> *w@channels2.undernet.org* pass [CENSORED]
> Hi chuck, and everyon else
> is humanism open for business?
> not like a have anything against slugs, now.
><_Randy> kdm has the brain of a unborn
> It is now
>-> *w* op
>*** W sets mode: +o Leviathan
> in france they are a delicacy
> What's up Loki?
> Brice -- 18
> Randy -- real loving of you
> Well, your still young
> actually, it probably is an unfair comparison
> to the slug, that is
> Anyone have the number of the "700 Club"?  I
>wanna give some money...this is such a great show!
> Brice: at least kdm still has both balls.
><_Randy> kdm-------GROW UP
>*** Joins: Boozer (~sda6717@xyp46.acns.fsu.edu)
> ah, if only we were on efnet #jesus.
> good evening.
> Brice, I swear to  God that I'm going to look at
>pornography all my life until the day I did.
> I guess it's 1-700-something...
> lev: nuffin much
> oops die
> heh heh... new group here today. don't
>recognize hardly anyone
> brb
> xeeno: You can say F... you to Jesus, but you
>will get it in the end, no pun intended!
> fuck you Jesus
> Brice, LOL!
> No pun intended - Jesus really is gay?
> I thought I could see some intelligent
>conversation here. .
> briceW: do you have a home page, i wanna link mine
>to it under "why abortion is a good thing links"
> brice: jesus has an ass fetish?
> Pun may not have been intended, but it was
> guess I was wrong . . .
> Brice, how will he "get it in the end" - are
>you homosexual?
> http://www2.netdoor.com/~xeno, proof that jesus
>is the true messiah
> click on the dollarsign cross
> proof?
> Hey!  Lev... I'm talking wholesome stuff here!=7F
> oh :)
>* BriceW Takes confessions
> don't forget to sign the guest register
> heh
>* RevDave biffs BriceW with the Gutenberg Bible.
> hmm
> I confess, Brice, I had sex with a dog yesterday
> Does the proof start with why a messiah would be
>necessary in the first place?
> Be serious
> brice, a man of the cloth. Against masturbation,
>but likes the feel of a warm choirboy
> Forgive me Brice for I have sinned...and will do
>so again at the first possible chance.
> kdm: you sick BASTERED
>* Boozer is serious :|
>*** Quits: Benny44 ()
>*** Joins: striebs (cjames@c161181.sctcorp.com)
> hahahaha
><_Randy> the only sick basterd is kdm
> Boozer, in the Christian context, Jesus was
>required because all have sinned and fall short of the
>glory of go
> god
> Ryan, you moron, it was a joke
> c'mon.. no name calling. might as well throw
>stones at each other
> joke or not it was still sick
> Is this where you gfo instaed of Church?!
>*** Quits: reddish ()
> Right Levi.  And if you don't believe any of
>that nonsense why bother with showing jesus to be the
>actual messiah?
> heh
> "basterd"
> Pickin' up stones, pickin' up stones, look who's
>first at pickin' up stones
> How many here were brought up atheist?
> Not me :)
>* RevDave 's left nut just fell off
> not me
> Boozer: all proof the Jesus was God incarnate
>is irrelevant until the Existence of God is
>established. So.. like you say, "what's the point?"
> Country club religon (presbeterian)
> how many christians here were brought up
> Not me, either.
> I tried Xianity...it didn't fit.
> Explain to me how the universe was created?
> What came first?
> I was brought up Christian
> The chicken!!!
>*** Joins: Beefalo (beefalo@evol.phx.primenet.com)
> Explain why we need a "created" universe.
> Brice: it always existed
> brice: explain to me how god was created.
> The egg!
> I was brought up Catholic but never confirmed
> what came first?
> No, the chicken!  The chicken!!!
> i was brought up Christian
> ah, no WONDER brice has an ass fetish
> Brice: who created God?
><_Randy> so are you the .2 % of the US that is fucked,,
>or its just kdm
> Once the egg is layed, it's path is certain.
> rev:  well, now you and Brice can share
> Ah, but once the chicken crosses the road...
> GOD created everything...  God always was and
>always will be, care to join him?
> randy: a little more that 0.2% of the us is
> Randy, what are you talking about?
> Randy -- could you be any less coherent?
> Brice, read a science book.=7F
> Brice, not your god.
> The egg came first... The animal from which the
>chicken evolved layed an egg (with chicken genetics)
>-_Randy- Initiating DCC Chat (
> brice: I'd suggest a good cosmology book.
> Brice: then by the same argument, I say that
>the Universe has always been here
> God does not exist, Brice. Not outside of your
> Aggreed beefalo!
> Not MY chicken!  The COSMIC CHICKEN!!!
> thank you beefalo.
> xeeno: I suggest the Bible
> Brice: Have anything to support God creating
>everthing or just regurgitating what you've been
> brice: I've read it. Horrible character
> certainly!
> Not likely, but I'll try.
> brice: why should we? You aren't.
> Brice -- I suggest a pshchologist
> Brice: I was being serious
>* Boozer wonders how many xians have taken an intro to
>philosophy course.
> Brice: Okay... So why doesn't "God" come down
>and tell us that he _does_ exist?
> God loves you all, and I do too!
> Brice:  I'll be serious if you'll be honest.
>Did you finger you daughters?
> and, I *was* being serious.
> "I lost my testicle due to the evils of
>                       -- Brice Wellington, on a.a
> RevDave: you are a sick BASTERED TOO
>* Baldur suggests all those interested in religion take a
>course in Comparative Religions.
> bricew: thats serious?
> Brice, I find your thinking shallow and your
>personality boring.
> Beefalo: Its not for you to question GOD
> brice: How many times do I have to tell you that
> loki: hahaha
> All religions are pretty much the same... The
>whole Noah thing was told by the Greeks, too.=7F
> Brice:  Did you finger your daughters?
> Beefalo, look at Native American beliefs for
>some differences...
> Revdave: Of what relavance is that?
> RevDave: NO!  It was a visual check!
> This went from Theism/Atheism to Sex/Incest...
> I seem to recall brice's "virginity check"
> Dave...
> brice: did you use one finger or four?
>*** Parts: chuck (~chab@nh-ts00-13.iconn.net)
> How closely did you check, Brice?
> Baldur: Good point... But they were from a
>different area, so they couldn't assimilate other
>religious stories.
> seems like we offended chuck.
> Its every parents responsibility to keep an eye
>on children!
> hehehe
> chuck is on #humanism
> Right Beefalo, that's why they developed
> There is such a concept as taking things too
>far, Brice
> An eye, yes, a finger, no.
> Too many teen mothers out there!
> I really should be logging this. It'd make a
>terrific post to alt.atheism
> Baldur: Exactly what I'm saying...
> Is this serious that Brice has been "inspecting"
>his daughters' privates?
> xeeno: you want the log?
> booz: yah
> levia: yes, please.
> Boozer:  You heard him admit it, didn't you?
> Yeah... What's the story behinda all of this?
> Ryan, go take an English course.
> Ryan, please kill the caps!
> ryan: english. english.
> NO
> Oooo, real loving
> Ryan, consider this a warning
> Ryan: Thank you, oh masterful wizzard of
> lev: you got a web browser?
> Brice, you're more twisted than I thought.
> xeeno: yep
> As for you Robert, you are one of those who hang
>out in alt.masturbation no doubt, have you heard my
>sermon on the evils of masturbation? doubt, Do you
>know it can turn you homosexual? Do you know it is one
>of the most used tools of Satan!
> It can cause mental illness and injury, I myself
>as a lad lost a testicle from doing it so much, until
>I found Christ and stopped. Even though I am holy, all
>those years of doing it had taken its toll on me
>*** Parts: _Randy (~rabrown@pm74.wwdc.com)
> \faq shouting ryan278
> BriceW on aa
> Someone fill me in on the Brice story...
> Loki: Taking notes?
> http://www2.netdoor.com/~xeno. YOu can sign my
>guest register and e-mail it to me.
> beefalo: see above line
> beef: there's a brice FAQ
> BriceW: laughing my ass off even
>*** Ryan278 was kicked by Leviathan (Chill out man!)
> im lookin for it
> Lev, YAY!
> Well... that's BS
> Loki: Yeah... But what does that have to do w/
>him inspecting his daughter's genetailia?
> How old are these daughters?
> dammed if i know!
> For anyone who wonders what we're talking about, go
>to http://www.xensei.com/users/psycho/DARK/recreational
> xeeno: I'm stuck w/ just Telnet, FTP and IRC...
> booz: did you take pictures for comparision, or
>did you use the "touchey feeley" method
> OK, Brice, we'll forget them...BTW, can I smell
>your fingers?
> Oh, wait a minute, you mean the Wellington Sluts
>that my nephew was telling me about?
> beef: it's via FTP. I think.
>-> *chuck* did you get my e0mail reply?
> oops
> xeeno: http is Web, no?
> that shoudl be brice, btw.
> He says they're total hose-bags.
> beef: yeah.
> Yeah, web.
> ah, psycho dave's page
>*** Joins: cattybtch (bustillo@ix-dc7-26.ix.netcom.com)
> xeeno: say what you want, I know better
> The universe is a concious thing. Souls are
>unfocused projections of this consiousness trying to
>figure itself out. (Although I'm not certain I'd
>classify this as a peice of the universal "deep
> xeeno, what are you talking about?
>*** Joins: Bench (bsutter@ep82_cns.sdsmt.edu)
> Greetings
> Striebs, ah, the universal mind theory...I can
>grok that.
> Look, you check your children for any damage,
>not just that!  I'm a responsible parent
> Greeetings Bench
> Brice:  any damage doesn't include vaginal openings
> Just a little minbaru belief that I happen to
>see some sence in.
>*** Joins: Excelsior (~lspac70@wmn2-101.usa1.com)
> Brice:  You really ought to be locked up
> minbari (sorry)
> Does the phrase child abuse have any meaning to
> kdm: Says who you?    Why do you think there are
>so ma y teen mothers!
> because F*cking is fun!
> Its not abuse
> how about "molestation"?  I'll remind you that
>all doctors these days have a nurse in the room when
>these exams occur.
>*** Parts: Excelsior (~lspac70@wmn2-101.usa1.com)
> brice -- maybe because they get used to the
>idea of men molesting them from fathers like you
> brice: because people like you stop using fingers
>and use penii instead
> let's see, Brice's inspecting his daughters is
>going to keep them from getting pregnant.
>  Because assholes like you abuse them, that's why.
> There's some serious psychological damage being
>done if any of this is true.  Can someone contact the
>proper child welfare authorities?
> that makes perfect sense.
>* kdm ROFLMAO
> Forget the daughters stuff, what are you doing
>with your lives
> What exactly is the nature of this
>discussion. I am having a hard time following it
> Brice:  We're trying to prevent child abuse
> Brice -- making fun of you.  There's a lifetime of
>material there.
> brice: currently, we are ragging you about
>fingerfucking pre teens
> Very interesting folks, thanks for the
>entertainment. 60 minutes is starting.. bye/f
> and of course Brice would be able to tell if any
>of them had been messing around because he's a trained
> cya striebs
>*** Parts: striebs (cjames@c161181.sctcorp.com)
> I will not discuss your dirty minds in that
> wow, I need to hang out here more often.
> Brice -- How will you discuss them?
> this is great. Who is next? The Reformer? Booby?
> rere
> I can't even think of an age when this sort of
>behavior would be appropriate for a father.
> Obstetrician??
> the reformer makes occasional stops to efnet
> he's fun to kick
> xeeno: I want to discuss YOU
> Brice, I'm just catching up with the
>discussion. How old was your daughter when you checked
>her "virginity"
> brice: I'd rather discuss you.
> Brice: i want to kick YOU
> Brice -- what, specifically, do you want to discuss
> Xeeno:  Brice wants to check your hymen now
>* xeeno bends over
> Salvation
> ?me rofls!
> bah
> checking my prostate for salvation's sake
> Brice -- From you?  I'd rather trust a
> If such a thing existed or was necessary
>(salvation) Brice would be the first to need it.
> OoOooO
> How can a concerned father check if her preteen
>has been giving oral favors to the neighborhood boys?
>Where would he put his fingers then?
>* RevDave laughs at xeeno
> Curious minds need to know!  :)
> Brice, please answer?
> Baldur :)
> baldur: he demands that she give him head. If she
>does a good job, it's experience
> and therefore, she's a =02sinner=02
>*** Parts: Bench (bsutter@ep82_cns.sdsmt.edu)
> xeeno, ah!  LOL!
> Xeeno -- don't give him ideas!
> xeeno: Or natural talent.
> You all disgust me tonight.... I'll be back
> One can but hope.
> Oh, don't leave Brice!
> Goodbye Brice
> brice: thanks for the warning
> haha -- you enjoy being disgusted, do you?
> come back anytime
> really don't leave, for your daughters' sake.
> We were just kidding, weren't we folks?
>*** BriceW was kicked by Loki (dont let the door hit ya
>on the way out you perv)
>   No, I hope he'll be back
>*** Joins: BriceW (~BriceW@www-8-144.gnn.com)
>*** Joins: VWPD (bugshooter@fix220.fix.net)
> Baldur: Brice wasn't
> I thought you were leaving.
> Baldur: I'll stay for you
>*** Parts: VWPD (bugshooter@fix220.fix.net)
> Oh thanks!  Now it MY fault! :)
>*** BriceW was kicked by Loki (no you wont)
> :p
>* kdm thinks Baldur is *so* lucky
> way to go, loki
> ive =16always=16 wanted to do that :)
> couls I have temp ops. I wanna test a kick macro.
>*** Joins: BriceW (~BriceW@www-8-144.gnn.com)
>* RevDave blesses Loki
> you can deop me reaf fast afterwards
> Brice, don't you think you've said enough?
> Brice, do you flagellate yourself, too?
>* kdm whaps BriceW with an unabridged OED.
>* BriceW Praying
>* Boozer wonders how Brice knows his wife hasn't been
>sleeping around.
> KDM:  Isn't that how he lost his nut to begin
> Brice, praying for yourself
> Brice, If I had a god, i'd be doing a lot of
>praying for you
> ah well.
> Rev:  Could be
> For everyone
>* xeeno readies the mighty fist of JHVH-1.
>* xeeno strikes =02bricew=02 with the STARK FIST OF REMOVAL.
> I'd be praying for his daughters, Levi
> Brice, you need it famore then we do.
> xeeno: hell yeah!
> Brice, you need it far more then we do.
> I'd call human services on him
> do it xeeno
> I *LOVE* that macro
> Have him put in jail
> no opz
> heh
>*** Parts: Beefalo (beefalo@evol.phx.primenet.com)
> Levi:  people have tried, I think
> I don't op beg, so it's cool.
> lev: mental institiution
>*** Joins: deion (cataclysm@
>*** Loki changes topic to "brice wellington faq:
> I won't deny it Loki
> brice: deny what? That you need to be
> Deny what?
> do you KNOW what they do to child molesters in
> That I was thrown into a hospital
> they'll give you prostate checks with mayonaise
> Brice -- and are hopefully still there
> oh goody.  more FAQ material.
> Brice -- how'd you escape?
>*** Parts: deion (cataclysm@
> God threw open the doors
> lol!
>* RevDave rofls
>* Baldur has to leave for a bit...hope to see you folks
>later! This is fun! :)
> Grrrrr
> Anybody else think Brice is still in jail, and is
>halucinating all this?
> Later Balbur
> bye baldur
> Bye, Baldur
> dur
> bye baldur
> Bye!  ;)
>*** Parts: Baldur (~baldur@naiwp26.nai.net)
> ah, I do so LOVE irc.
> Brice, what do you do?
> helps me sharpen my wit
> kdm -- do they get computer access in jail?
>Or are we a hallucination of his?
> I am retired living on a pension
>*** Loki sets mode: +v BriceW
> catty:  If I was a halucination of Brice's, I'd
>kill myself.
> kdm -- only if he wanted you to. ;P
> + =3D fundie mark
> loki - LOL
> wow. brice wellington on undernet irc.
> catty:  sure, drag logic into this
> this is great.
> rev: it looks like a cross |)
> kdm -- OOPS
> booby would be even better
> Booby?
> HEY!   Why you messing with my name!
> radical muslim from MIT
> Cool
> BriceW: hahahaha
> Because they CAN, sweetums.
> Why did you mess with your daughters' hymens,
> on way before most new a.a's
> brice: are they really your daughters?
>*** Parts: BriceW (~BriceW@www-8-144.gnn.com)
>*** Joins: BriceW (~BriceW@www-8-144.gnn.com)
> hehehehe
> damn
> damn.
> aw, now you made him mad!
>*** Loki sets mode: +v BriceW
> must be his equivalent of blinking to see if we
>really exist
> tee hee
> all the better
> Lets be serious
> Brice, why are you here? Would you like to
>get help for your problems?
> Widdle Bwicey-wicey is upset . . . awwwwwww
> brice: we are.
> I am serious, brice.
> seriousness again
> very serious :|
> No frivolity!!!!
> No a chuckle here
> This shit ain't funny, Brice
> kdm,lol
> I will return another time, gotta find a
>Christain area
> Like they'd want you.
>* Loki stamps a cross on bricew's forehead +
> brice: try #gaysex
> RevDave: I pray for your soul
> lol xeeno!
> Brice -- do you tell them about molesting
>your daughters for Jesus?
> how about #gaychristian ?
>*** Parts: BriceW (~BriceW@www-8-144.gnn.com)    (It really *was* him.)
> #childsex                                (     Krosis         )
> heh
>*** Joins: Cannibal (~philcs@slip2.vianet.net.au)
> #I'm a moron
> whew, that was fun
> Wherever he goes, follow and inform
> now let's do a name on all the christian groups
> wll that was amusing
> Hi Cannibal
>  #pedophiles ?
>-> *w* access cannibal=7F
> he's idling
> hey cannibal.
> He was on an AIDS channel, but was apparently
>normal there.
> maybe he'll bring back friends
> Cannibal, congrats on the access level
> cannibal: you missed brice :)
> wow, that was great.
>*** Joins: vsmash (~vsmash@v-fast-4.mpx.com.au)
> leviathan: did you log it?
> xeeno, yeah.. let me check it
> who is Brice Wellington?
>*** Parts: vsmash (~vsmash@v-fast-4.mpx.com.au)
> oh well, gotta mosey folks.  later.
> lev: cool dcc it
>*** Quits: Boozer (Leaving)
> cannibal: ever read alt.atheism?
> *BriceW* I pray for your soul.. =07
> rofl
>*** Joins: Beefalo (beefalo@evol.phx.primenet.com)
>*** Quits: Cannibal (bye)
> heheh
> Rehi, everyone.
>* Beefalo is praising the lord for atheism.
> msg bricew i'll sacrifce a kittin for yours
> Brice is still idling, if anyone is interested.
>* Loki nods
> xeeno, i think i need to leave the channel in
>order to view the updated log. i'll brb
>Session Close: Sun Jan 21 19:07:09 1996

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