"It is saturday morning and I am on my knees as I type with my tears hitting the keyboard, I can hardly see the screen. I want you all saved from the depths of sin, including masturbation and obscene language of which your all so fluint in speaking. I will return when I am able to retain my composure..."
-- Brice Wellington

Brice Wellington: Man Of God!

The Brice Wellington FAQ Archive

Dedicated to Lunatic-Fringe Christian Net-kooks the world over

and the people who love laughing at them

Established in 1994
Brice Wellington is one of the favorite Christian Net Kooks of all time. In alt.atheism, talk.origins, alt.christnet, and other newsgroups that he trolls and spams on a daily basis, Brice has become the single most well-known retard-for-JEE-ZUS of all time. Most Christians on the net leave well enough alone. Some troll or spam for a few messages, then give up. Brice, like the Energizer- Bunny, just keeps going, and going, and going...

When Brice first came to the Net, I honestly thought he was going to keep a low profile -- staying away from the sensitive issues that could get him tons of flame mail. I prepared these FAQ files in anticipation that he was going to avoid talking about subjects like race relations, women's rights, masturbation, and so on. Well, I was very surprised to see that his first message was a typical Brice-like message, and the FAQ files were no longer needed to prove Brice to be a hypocrite. But people asked for them anyway, so I finnished them. What I have available here are three FAQ files, strictly for your amusement, two of which Brice wrote mostly himself (To be as fair as possible, I used mostly clips from his own messages, mispellings and all), on the Boston Bullet, where I first made contact with him. The third (and any subsequent files that I happen to make available over time) file is taken directly from Internet newsgroups.

These files are for informational purposes only -- perhaps you're here because you saw a message from Brice in alt.atheism, such as the "Psycho Dave's Answers" thread, the "A question for Brice" thread, or the "Masturbation -- what's wrong with you people?" thread and you want to know just what this Brice person is. Well, here you go. This will give you everything you need for a crash course in Brice-ology. Enjoy. I have never had so much fun on the net before, and if you are into net-kooks or recreational Christianity, you will have fun, too.