We've Got all the dirt on Bob Larson!

Those in the Recreational Christianity hobby, who listen to live-call-in radio talk shows, should be familiar with good ol' Bob Larson, who hosts a show called "Talk Back With Bob Larson". Bob is a real piece of work. His favorite thing to rant about is "satanic rock music", "ritual satanic abuse", and the "whimpy" Christian ministries and organizations who refuse to deal with those subjects. He has a habit of hanging up on people who argue to effectively against his driveling, angry, diatribes.

Bob's ministry is a sensationalistic talk show that attracts losers and weirdos from all over the country. If you call up his program and say that you've been abused by a Satanic cult, Bob will listen and believe everything you say. If you cry, break up, and behave like a total loser, Bob will pray for you on the air, as the audience across America listens on, some shedding empathetic tears, while people like me laugh. Other times, people call in, allegedly possessed by Satan or demons, and he attempts to Exorcise them on the air. One time, he even staged a program from the homes of two allegedly possessed individuals, where he phone-linked the two and his station, and exorcised them over the air, one remotely, one live.

Occaisionally, Bob will talk politics, toting the usual Christian Whacko lines of "America Is A Christian Nation", "Homosexuals are Evil", and "Christians are second-class citizens". One time, he declared that the founders of the nation, like Thomas Jefferson, intended the nation to be Christian. A caller had a book of quotations and documents prepared for Bob, and began to quote a few choice commentaries from Jefferson's memoirs where he explained that the intent of the First Amendment was to prevent one religious persuasion to control the government. The Caller really laid it out, and Bob simply cut him off and commented "That doesn't prove anything...you can read all the quotes from all the anti-Christian authors you want...", completely ignoring the fact that it was a quote from Thomas Jefferson himself, one of the authors and signers of the Constitution!

Bob's ministry began to go down hill shortly after he published a book called "Dead Air". It was labeled "Christian Porn" by Christianity Today, and contained gorey and graphic details that Bob got from many of his callers who allegedly were involved in Satanic crimes. Then someone went and squealed on Bob -- He apparently was not the author of the book, and allegedly payed a ghost writer, who later revolted against Bob. From then on, Bob allegedly received tons of death threats, and spent more time hocking books and begging for cash than he did talking and taking calls. Then a sex scandal was uncovered, and Bob slipped into obscurity.

But he's making a comeback -- His program recently reappeared on talk radio again, allegedly going strong, with lots of new sponsors, and a slightly altered program format. The following files are from Ken Smith, a former Bob Larson Ministries employee, who's excellent research and documentation skills have kept Bob's enemies well informed, and in my case, amused. If you ever call up Bob's show, and actually get on the air (I don't think he takes calls anymore, except for planned interviews), ask him about Ken Smith, or any of the incidents in these files, -- and I bet you $100 he will instantly hang up and bleep you out!

So enjoy. For anyone who knows Bob, these files are sure to provide a few satisfying chuckles.