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Retards Respond to Psycho Dave

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I thought that with all of the anti-religious, anti-conservative, anti-liberal, anti-hate-group articles on my web site that most of the hate mail I get would be from ultra-conservative, Bible-thumping, gun nut called "Bubba" or something. But Nooooooooooooooooooooo....

Indeed, what I find both humorous and trully disturbing is that most of the yahoos who want me hung by my testicles are TREKKIES, of all people! Unbelievably, poking fun at at a lousy Scifi TV show yeilded nastier and most verbose pieces of flaming hate mail than all of the other groups that I poke fun of combined. Yes, the truth is that one tiny little article about a science fiction/fantasy TV show, produced a larger volume of hate mail than all of the other articles I have on my web page.

This speaks volumes about the kinds of people who watch Star Trek and feel it necesary to write hate mail to me. Do they just have too much spare time on their hands? Do they have no life outside of Star Trek? Have they got no sense of humor at all? Have they had jumbo-sized corks up their butts since puberty, and haven't had a single bowel movement since? What is wrong with these people that they cannot see the humor in my anti-trek article, and write messages that seem to indicate that they take the show far more seriously than normal people would?

Okay, all you trekkies. I have one thing to say before you go on and read my hate mail. Sit in a lotus position, close your eyes, relax, and repeat the following mantra:

It's only a TV show...

It's only a TV show...

It's only a TV show...

Hate Mail from Religious Nuts

Ron G. (gabr0010@gold.tc.umn.edu) wrote:

Is it moral to mock and belittle someone's beliefs? Is it moral to harrass, lie (yes when you "pledge" money you are nothing more than a liar) and make life just a little more difficult for those believers out there? Sure, there are some truly scummy individuals out there "practicing" Christianity solely for their own profit, but it sounds like you are an equal opportunity harrasser -- mocking all who preach the Word of God with equal vigor.

Don't you have something more lifeaffirming or of greater personal worth that you could be doing? Don't you realize that you are only fueling those "opportunist" Biblebeaters onwards in their beliefs? For crying out loud, man -- you are making them think they are suffering" for the sake of Christ. Aren't they fanatical enough without you adding a "martyr complex" to their already-battered psyche? Like I said -- for those truly diehard fanatics you oppose, your mockery only serves to justify their mindset. In essense, you are playing into their hands. I gather that you began your harrassing of Campus Evangelists because you felt that they wree being loud, annoying and spiteful. Thing is, as long as there are people like you feeding them what they expect, they will continue to come and spew their hatred towards you. If you'd simply ignore them, they'd lose faith in their "ministry" and go away. Can't you see that? Believing in something is nothing to be ashamed of, pal. People with beliefs based on life-affirming ideas (not hate-filled "ministers" like many you mock on campus) are to be applauded, not ridiculed. You have me mistaken, friend. I don't hate you or anything like that: I pity you. You have chosen to make a major portion of your life aimed towards negating something else, rather than aiming your creative abilities towards something that may add something beneficial to society or yourself. Rolling in the mud is never truly satisfying, friend -- for in the end you end up as grimy and soiled as those you mock.

Psycho Dave Replies:

The question is not whether I am being "moral" by practicing Recreational Christianity, but whether (a) anyone gets hurt, and (b) am I having fun. The way I see it, a multimillion-dollar tax-exempt religious organization which makes profits by simply asking for people to throw money at them, will not miss out on a damn thing if I pledge them money to get free gifts, and don't pay. They are practicing "spiritual warfare" on people like me. The least I can do is make them spend money needlessly so that it's harder for them to win their war. Besides, they seem to enjoy it, and I do, too. Where are the victims?

I wonder what kind of "life-affirming" things were on the minds of John Salvi, Paul Hill, Michael Griffin, and other Christian killers-for-Jesus. whether I spend a "major portion of my life" making fun of Christ-o-weenies is questionable. I make fun of everyone. I really don't care if these weirdos whose heads I play with have their paranoias confirmed by my activity. It adds to the fun.

Jim Wheeler (wheelerj@magnum.wpe) on Date: Thu, 24 Aug 1995 wrote:

Hello Psycho Dave,

Just got done looking at your page. I really feel sorry for you. I respect your right to put this kind of trash out, even if you're railing against God's children. Unfortunately for you, however, "he who laughs last, laughs loudest". There is coming a day when you will answer to Jesus Christ Himself for your blasphemy against him. And then it wont be so funny when he throws your unrepentent soul into HELL. I admonish you to get right with God now before it's too late. There are no fire escapes in HELL!!!


Psycho Dave Responds

This weenie is typical of most born-agains. His message essentially boils down to "You will go to HELL because I am offended by you." In a lame attempt to be a smartass, all he does is become a parrot, spouting centuries-old cliches at me.

christian@god.com Wrote on Wed, 01 Jan 1997:

Sorry bud...

But as long as you remain an atheist, you WILL remain lonely! Tell me then... how did we get here??? Obviously you won't know the answer. You don't believe in our creator - GOD The devil has very special ways in reaching various people. You've been taken.

Psycho Dave Responds

(1) I am hardly lonely.

(2) We got here by contacting an ISP and dialing in with our modems.

(3) Yeah -- the devil has many ways of reaching people... like making most of the Christians who preach the alleged word of god be anal-retentive, ranting misfits.

proszel@erols.com wrote on Wed, 22 Jan 1997:


Just got back from the March for Life on the Mall here in DC. Decided to do a search on pro life, right to life, etc., and what is on the first page but a link to your web site.

Jesus said either your for us or against us.

Oh well, hope you like hell.


Psycho Dave Sez:

Hell would be a nice place to live, since heaven is gonna be full of weenies like this guy...

livingston.jerry@mcleod.net wrote on Mon, 10 Feb 1997:

Thanks for all the fantastic Christian websites. I appreciated the list so much that I sent it to 15 of my closest friends. You saved me hours of online research time.... Betcha didn't think a born-again Christian would bother to stop by and say "thanks".

Psycho Dave comments:

I get a lot of messages like this. Christians who "thank" me for having a page that makes it easy for them to find other like-minded retards. It's sort of like a psychotic matchmaking service -- I help crazed, mentally-defective Christians find other crazed, mentally defective Christians.

login@themall.net wrote on Sat, 22 Feb 1997:

I find it interesting that you would only include the weird and crazy for your links page. It seems that you are guilty of what you claim these people are: limiting your opponents so that it appears you know what you are talking about. You gladly put down creationists, for example, but you seem to ignore the facts about evolution: with over 500 million fossils in the fossil record, there has not been one shred of evidence that evolution has ever occurred; that "punctuated equilibrium", which is a lame attempt to cover the evolutionists inability to prove evolution, is very close to what creationists have been claiming all along; etc. You seem like such an astute observer of Christianity, yet you limit yourself to the outer limits, never attempting to take on the main stream. What are you afraid of? That Christians may be right and that you would have to change your ways and lifestyle? This is a very common belief among pagans. Not to long ago I believed this. I have to admit that I respect you atheists: with all the evidence of this universe that God exists, you choose to ignore Him and disbelieve. That, in my opinion, requires a great deal of faith! I only wish my faith in God was as strong as your faith in His non-existence. Let me know what you think:


Psycho Dave Replies

Limiting my opponents? Hardly. I focus on the weirdos BECAUSE THEY ARE THE MOST ENTERTAINING!!! Weird is funny. My page is all about funny stuff, not about classic logical arguments against theology.

The "evidence against evolution" is a collection of ignorant statements and distortions that have already been argued into the ground. I explain their arguments pretty well in another document in this section.

I waste no faith in not believing in God. I have no faith in anything unless it can be substantially proven. Having 2000 years of idiots give fallacious assertions that god exists is no proof that one does exist.

LitleManT8@aol.com wrote on 25 Mar 1997

You need serious help pal. If you don't get Jesus in your life soon, it might be too late. You will be going to hell if you don't get Jesus in your life. I know that you think that hell will be all cool and everything, but it won't. Satan probably doesn't even have 2 horns and a beard. It won't be fun. The devil tries to trick you into thinking that he is your friend, but he will just torture the living poop out of you. I suggest that you change your ways soon.

Psycho Dave sez:

Deja Vous, eh? It sounds like that Big Christian broken-record in the sky is still skipping, playing the same message over and over again...

elyah@earthlink.net wrote on Sat, 19 Apr 1997:

Sigh...I would say something great about your 'belief' in atheism; but for those who want to believe they are intellectual, for those who always look for dark places in others which indeed can always be found, there is no answer...someday you too will see that only faith, a reaching out beyond your own person, can achieve the notice of Christ Jesus, God's own son, but, alas, for now this will only provide you a laugh, I fear, and when I see that you too believe the above to be true, I fear even more it will be too late, and I can only cry for you. Rocky, elyah@earthlink.net

Psycho Dave responds:

Another candidate for the "broken record" school of theology.

B1BLancr@bellsouth.net wrote on Thu, 24 Apr 1997:

Well well well, so we Christians are just a bunch of dumb suckers, huh. Tell you what, I'll be more than happy to match intelligence with you anytime, anywhere. I do not profess to be the world's smartest man, but I'm no dummy either.

Why don't I start. Here's an EASY trivia question on the subject of aviation.

On what famous airplane can the Pratt and Whitney J58 afterburning turbo-ramjet engine be found?

"...They shall mount up with wings, as eagles" Isaiah 40:31

Psycho Dave Replies:

(1) Yes. Most religious nuts are a bunch of dumb suckers.

(2) Yes, I am compelled to agree that you might not be the smartest person in the world, but it's questionable if you're not the dumbest...

(3) What the heck the Engines of an SR-71 Blackbird (the world's fastest and highest altitude jet) have to do with theological debate is beyond me.

O. Deus (Odeus@bigfoot.com) writes on October 5th, 1997

Dear Psycho Dave

(if one who is not of your company may reffer to you in that way). You appear to be suffering from an unfortunate illness which causes you to deposit the contents of your bowels onto the internet instead of into the depths of your plumbing system. Please correct this unfortunate matter at once as the internet has enough bandwith trouble without your fecal contribtions.

There is no challenge in hating, no triumph in dedicating a page to seek out the faults of others. This action mainly points up your own abundant faults and makes manifest your own inability to make a positive contribution to the online community.

Perhaps you believe that you are inteligent because you can rehash decades of criticism and attacks against instituions and concepts you are not remotely capable of originating, or is it because you have learned how to us an FTP server. In either case please be advised that the only impression your page produces is that of a pathetic post-adolescent who plays at inteligence and knowledge but has no real conception of what either are.

At this point you do not have a page, you have fecal matter. I look forward to some possible future time when under the influence of theraphy, medication or growth hormones you engage in something that resembles a positive effort and while one can be certain that it will contribute little, it will also detract little.

Sincerely Yours

Jesus Christ

O. Deus http://www.concentric.net/~odeus

Psycho Dave sez:

Here's a weiner who has an anal-obsession. He goes on for several small paragraphs making various comparisons between my page and shit. I don't know why most religious nuts have obsessions with sexual and anal functions. Maybe their plumbing is so backed up from keeping that sphincter so tight all the time. In any case, he takes 4 paragraphs to essentially say "I don't like you or your page, and I think you are a shithead." People who think they are smarter than everyone else (and usually aren't) often take several paragraphs to say what one carefully-thought out sentence would. Again -- I attribute this problem to their overly-tightened sphincters.

You'll also note that this weiner signs his post "Jesus Christ". What -- are we supposed to believe he's the second coming? He's more like the second (bowel) movement.

Flaming Trekkie Hate Mail

joeyjones@prodigy.net wrote on Sun, 6 Apr 1997

You were talking about how Star Trek isn't very developed intellectually. Well, I have quite a few things to say about *that*, but I'll try to keep it short. First off, Star Trek is set a little less than 400 years from now. By then, many of the classical authors will probably have been forgotten over time. However, Shakespeare's impact on Earth society will probably still exist, because of his popularity today. The aliens quoting Shakespeare and other Earth sources could be either of these (choose one or the other): One, that the translator equipment changes around the wording to help the crew to understand better (I'd personally find Shakespeare more engaging than Frliixugh). The second, and probably more accurate, is that the aliens speak it to aid in their diplomacy. This tactic would be no different than taking a German investor today to the brauhaus for a talk over Beck's and sauerkraut. In this case, the Shakespeare and the like would serve to make the Terrans feel welcome.

Now, as to the modern culture not living: do we listen to Beethoven anymore? Maybe at formalities. To the people of Star Trek, rock n' roll is the same thing as classical is to us. Some characters do listen to it (take Tom Paris as an example). And in terms of self preservation, if you haven't noticed it you need to watch more Trek. Many episodes focused on it. One that comes to mind was when O'Brien sabotaged the DS9 station to save his wife.

I will agree that Troi states too much of the obvious... but the politics of Trek are just as complicated as that of the real world, almost even more so because of racial barriers. Look at the Federation and Romulans... they're duking out a cold war in the shadows. The only really one-dimensional political partnership is with the Borg, but that's fairly understandable.

Starfleet is basically the Federation military and police. The only reason that they seem to intervene in things is that they are the only legal force in the UFP. Period.

And we come to personal sacrifices. If you cannot understand what Picard and Kirk did in Generations, you obviously have no morals whatsoever. Let's put it this way: would YOU allow millions of people to die so you could have a life in paradise? If you would, then I would not be sorry if you were damned.

Now, the aliens. The aliens may not seem different physically, but their mentalities vary. The Klingons don't bathe because they don't see the need to. It's the way their society has been brought up. The reason that all the races speak English is because the crews have universal translator doohickeys that translate the languages. And saying that the Federation is the only blah blah blah is an opinion, as the UFP is suited for what it does: explore. And no problems? What are the Maquis then?

The virus-unconscious-transporter thing is simple. The transporter is like Norton Anti Virus: if a new virus is made, it doesn't know where to look for it.

And I won't even speak of the geeks: I find them losers too, but we can at least leave them alone.

In closing: If you hate Trek, don't watch it.

-Joey Jones


Psycho Dave's Observation:

This message is a prime example of most of the flames I get from trekkies. It essentially is an attempt to explain all of the inconsistancies and silliness that I find in Trek. Some of them are quite elaborate (as you will see later on).

They usually start out by saying "I'm nothing like those OTHER Star Trek Geeks that you complain about," then they go on and on and on like one for pages...

Most of these people who write me these long explanations haven't got much grasp of reality. They keep explaining Trek as though it's real -- not just science fiction. I find this humorous, as well as slightly sad...

"Aaron" aaron@millcreek.net on Fri, 20 Jun 1997 wrote:

What are you some kind of moron? The first paragraph is practically the entire basis of Star Trek on your "Why Star Trek Sucks" site.Idiot.

Telarians listen to rock type music.And people on Earth listen to rock music too.Some do to,but Data probably doesn't want to play the electric guitar.

Oh yeah,so easy.Tell me about sub-atomic fusion of quarks and anti-matter matter reactions.They are gray areas you dumbass.Look at the Maqui.You see their side to about how the Cardassians take their homes,but then its land that belongs to the Cardassians.Try learning about something before dissing it!Well,hmn sometimes she does.But then sometimes she gives clues like "They are hiding something."

uh,no.The Federation is basically in control you idiot.They do use entertainment. Its something called the holodeck.Violent sometimes "gasp". Because think of what would happen if we were ment by aliens.Choas,total chaos,and fear.Geordi felt that the visor was part of him,and he wanted it.Yeah,a primitive planet with over a couple million people on it.Uh,no. He wanted to then,well, he didn't want to be a luitenant.

Well,the klingons,they aren't ruled by a fuedal society.And other planets have joined the Klingon Empire,giving them technology to defend their planets.They don't care about hygene or dental care. Its called a Universal Translator.It reads off parts of the person you are talking to and if doesn't know it it makes a logical definition(Sometimes,it doesn't work). Uh no,some worlds had villages.Not ruled a by a single government.And the cardasians are ruled by two or three rebel and other governments. Uh alien cultures that are inferior are not talked to with the prime Directive unless they have warp capablilitys.If the alien cultures "ask" for help then they help them.Otherwise they stay out of their way. Uh yes flaws.Look at the Admiral that tried to take over the federation into military rule by Star Flet.Seems like a flaw to me.But of course they stopped him.

Uh,science like teleportation is possible.Except it takes a lot a energy. Star Trek uses anti-matter matter reactions to get that energy.If we tried to teleport someone it would take 3 days worth of energy to transport one person.Star Trek gets it science from Nasa,you idiot. Well,yes the teleports can purge dangerous viruses,but sometimes the virus is undetected when it bonds to some people,the teleporters see it as normal matter in people. Sure,I am sure you knew exactly what would happen when Tasha was killed.Evil-twin.Rikers twin wasen't evil until the next few episodes with him.Try again.Seasons summing up?Uh no.They didn't on the last episode they used no footage execpt from farpoint station.The present that people could be openend to anything.You didn't seem to get that did you.

OK.You spend probably half your life complaining about Christianity.Good use of time!execellent.uh hm. Trek Nazis.Where the fuck did you get that.If they call themselves Trek Nazis then they are dumbasses.Star Trek was made by a jew. If you don't like Star Trek,we don't care.We like it,and we can do whatever we want with our money.I am sure you would go buy a gold pentagram for your wonderful site attaching christianity.(by the way I am not defending it.I could care less).

Ha ha ha,Star Trek communist.Ha ha ha,jesus christ you are an idiot!! The Star Trek Kirk Singalong is probably humorous dumbass.

You call Star Trek communist.Look at you?What are you?Some kind of pagan opinion forcer? Are you actually a christian in disguise? You think know one is entitled to have an opinion.Or have an interest or "fun" with a certain subject like Star Trek for example. Maybe we should all be like you and go around listening to Marilyn Manson,oh we can all go around wearing black and telling people to kill themselves.That would be fun wouldn't it?We can wear white make-up,make sure its plastered to our face,before having sex.Thats a real kick on the sex drive.We won't need gava or yhombe when we can listen to Marilyn Manson sing about death and hate. Fun fun fun!

Psycho Dave's Observation:

This guy wins the award for "Longest Rant". IN fact, this guy actually devotes more space whining about my Trek page than I actually wrote on the page itself! He just goes on... and on... and on... Will you ever get to the end of his Email?

This wiener is just like the previous one -- he's got to explain point-for-point why Star Trek is great Science Fiction, and just won't shut the fuck up about it! Get a friggin' muzzle for him!

Isobel Johnston (howlin@primeline.net) on Fri, 20 Jun 1997, wrote:

Hey Psycho Dave, I have one thing to tell you about this whole thing. You call all of these trekkers weenie's but my question is how much time did you spend -- or waste in your opinion -- on cutting down Star Trek. I happen to enjoy Star Trek and I don't think I have spent near as much time on this topic as you have. Maybe you should think about who's the weenie.


Psycho Dave Sez:

Hmmm. How much time did I spend cutting down Star Trek? Not much. I think I wrote the whole thing in about an hour. The Trek Spank was practically done for me -- The Spanker sent me a series of links, and asked me to comment on them.

Apparently, I didn't spend as much time as I SHOULD have. Man -- just think of the fun I could have with the hate mail generated by MORE anti-trek articles!!!

Wed, 25 Jun 1997, Natalie Griffith (alpaca@magpage.com) wrote:

You might think you're hillarious, but there are others out there that might not agree with you. I happen to be a star trek fan, and yes, I go to conventions, yes, I have lots of memoribilia, yes, I am active in Star Trek, but no, I am not fat, I do not speak Klingon, and I DO have a life. I happen to be 5'6", 120 lbs, blonde, and 19 yrs old. I run an entire farm/family business with my father. Not all Star Trek fans fit your stereotype, and you really have no right to badmouth us. If star trek fans want to have web sites to express their interest in star trek, who are you to condemn them? There is such a thing as slander...your comments about that husband and wife are absolutely uncalled for. Who someone chooses to spend their life with is none of your damn business, and neither is what they do in the bedroom. Maybe YOU should get a life instead of insulting other people who have never done a damn thing to you.

Natalie Griffith

Psycho Dave Responds:

Yeah, She's a Star Trek fan... So she has a collection of Trek-trinkets... She's sexy and has a body... She runs a business...

But she still flies off the handle and has to ferociously defend a stupid TV show as though what I wrote about Trek ruined her whole day. She's still a geek. Big deal. The fact that she has a life and is sexy doesn't mean Jack. Geek is a state of mind.

On Mon, 30 Jun 1997, Kevin Anderson (kanderson@merritt.edu) Wrote:

Ooh! You call yourself Pyscho Dave. You must be cool! Really cool! I mean way cooler than anyone who watches Star Trek! Wow! Psycho? Who would've ever thought to put that in front of their name? You're so radical and intelligent and you probably quote Voltaire unlike Star Trek people!

Star Trek sucks because people don't listen to Rock and Roll and watch television? What in God's name makes you think those forms of entertainment still be popular ad infinitum? You obviously get your kicks from putting down others, but that's something any moron can do. If you really think you're so much better than 'Start Trek geeks' why don't you try creating something better? Go ahead, make up your own idea for a show, instead of putting down people like a retarded pre-schooler!

Psycho Dave's Summary

He Says "Oh! You call yourself Pyscho Dave. You must be cool! Really cool! I mean way cooler than anyone who watches Star Trek! Wow! Psycho? Who would've ever thought to put that in front of their name? You're so radical and intelligent and you probably quote Voltaire unlike Star Trek people!"

Yeah, that about sums me up. I wonder what his point is?

On Sat, 05 Jul 1997, Warhammer (warhamer@interpow.net) wrote:


I can understand you may not like Star Trek, hey, that's your right. It's a free country.

But much of what I read on your site can be construed as defamation of character and slander. The last time I looked, those are illegal and a person can be prosecuted for them.

Especially for what was said about the 'headline' web page for your 'Hate Trek' site.

I happen to know this person, and I will also be notifying him about this site. What you said is degrading, and as far as I'm concerned, out and out lies.

You may hate me, you may hate Trek fans, but treating a person like crap just because you may not like him is wrong. Would you state these words in front of him? Would you? I'm sure he would have a serious problem with you if you did.

Flame me is you like, but I personally think you did some serious wrong here.


Psycho Dave's Anecdote:

Who's afraid of the big bad Trekkies?

Hmmm... There's something about being "Afraid of being beaten up after cheesing off a trekkie" that just doesn't sound right. I mean, my experience is that most trekkies are timid, WHINING, obsequious little turds who quiver at the thought of violence. Telling a trekkie to get a life hardly is as dangerous as yelling "nigger" at a black man (which I would never do, by the way), or calling a skinhead a "Bald headed dumb-fuck" (which I did and almost got slugged for).

I HAVE insulted Trekkies on purpose on many occaisions, and they all reacted the same way. They either freaked out and screamed bloody murder, whined self-righteously, or did nothing.

On Sat, 19 Jul 1997, Carl Riley (spock@macomb.com) Wrote:

You are entitled to your opinions of the fans of Star Trek-or any other 'thing' out there. I will not try to push my opinions on you, but just wish to give you a different point of view.

However, I take offense when you describe Trek fans as morons or losers.

Star Trek fans, as opposed to many other organizations, are friendly people just out to have a good time. Whether or not they dress up in the uniforms is not the point. If those people like to dress up, then what's the problem? They are causing no great harm and Trek fans-nearly 99.9% of them, are very nice people and willing to help others, either through charity or fundraisers, or just talking to someone.

It has been determined (in a logistical sense) that Star Trek fans are, for the most part, bright, have higher than average intelligence, and read frequently. Star Trek fans also come from the broadest spectrum of humanity on the face of this planet-doctors, lawyers, NASA engineers, teachers, school children, poor people, rich people, black people, white people, Indians, etc. Star Trek fans very rarely engage in things like bigotry and normally accept others for who they are. Tell me one other group of people out there (other than priests or the like) who are as varied.

You may think that learning to speak Klingon is foolish nonsense, or that wearing a Starfleet uniform makes one a geek. Well, I'll tell you something-if this entire planet were populated with nothing but Star Trek fans, it would definitely be a much better place-something that Gene Roddenberry imagined and hoped that one day it would come to pass.

THAT is a kind of world that I would love to live in-one of peace. This does not mean, however, that Star Trek fans don't also live in the real world. There isn't one Star Trek fan out there who doesn't realize that the world right now is a messed-up place. Wars, famine, riots, bigotry, etc. However, they all would love to change that kind of thing.

If wanting all that means that we Star Trek fans are geeks, then I guess I can proudly count myself as one of them. I am not ashamed to be a Star Trek fan. I see that there can be hope for the future. After all, people never thought the Berlin Wall would fall or that the Russians would be working with us-but both have happened and have taken us one step closer to there being peace on earth.

I hope that gives you a better view on just what being a Star Trek fan means. It doesn't mean we're crazy people with nothing better to do. It means that there are a LOT of people out there who liked the kind of world there was in the 23rd & 24th centuries and want ours to be like that also-one of peace.

That I'd love to see in my day. :-)
Carl Riley

Psycho Dave Replies:

This is my favorite piece of Hate Mail! This person is a perfect example of the fascism I find at most of the Science Fiction Conventions I have ever been to.

"Star Trek fans are, for the most part, bright, have higher than average intelligence, and read frequently."

This is basically the start of a series of statements which are meant to convey the fascistic message that "Star Trek fans are BETTER than average people." I have seen this attitude taken to it's logical conclusion at some panel-discussion at conventions. I have heard some fans go to great effort to push the idea that so-called "normal" people look down on Science Fiction fans because they sense that they are more intelligent and need to put them down to feel superior. In reality, most "normal" people don't give a shit about Scifi fandom, and see them as freaks because many of them act like retards at conventions.

"Star Trek fans very rarely engage in things like bigotry and normally accept others for who they are."

Bullshit. Plain and simple. I have been to several conventions where certain groups of fans were banned from the convention because the geeks running the show either don't like what they're into, or are irrationally afraid of them. Case and Point: The Boston Star Trek Association held a convention where people were barred frm attending merely because they were dressed as characters from "Doctor Who". People dressed in street-clothes, however, were quite welcome to attend. Another famous event was the last Arisia convention I attended, where the leather and bondage people were barred because it was "a family convention", even though there were plenty of panel-discussions like "Earth girls are easy: sex with aliens", and tons of scantly clad women (many of whom were obese and almost made me barf just looking at them...) Then there was the way the "furry fans" (fans of anthropomorphic cartoons) were drummed out of the 1995 Philcon, along with the Japanese Animation fans. Alas, It is quite obvious when you look at the facts, that people who claim to be the most tolerant individuals usually are the least tolerant.

My favorite line is when he says "if this entire planet were populated with nothing but Star Trek fans, it would definitely be a much better place-something that Gene Roddenberry imagined and hoped that one day it would come to pass."

This is hilarious! This is the same argument that many religious nuts make; they say "If everyone was a Christian, the world would be a much better place..." It is also used by communists and other people with an agenda. The argument essentially boils down to "I wish everyone agreed with **ME**."

This geek goes on and on, proclaiming what superior beings Trek fans are, when compared to everyone else, and literally equates Star Trek fandom with creating world peace. Yes, friends. Trekkies are the master race. "Star Trek, Uber Alles!"

"Casey Smyth" (aphinai@hotmail.com) on Thu, 26 Jun 1997 Wrote:

Excuse me, but, when you say you are tired of all the nerds, you're talking about three million nerds in the USA alone. We are not some computer geek club that meets once a month, and talk about Star Trek. You know, you are speaking of a mass population. And when you refer to the music types, the kid was playing extremely loud music, and it obviously didn't appeal to "Picard". You have no right, bad mouthing people that do something in their spare time, no one is here to meet up to your standards. There is no reasoning behind what you say, and the "nerds" don't just think of sci-fi as only Star Trek. Science Fiction is many many many things. I may not think of say.. Star Wars, as Science Fiction, am I bad because of that? No, I am only bad if I think I am, not because some ignoramace thinks I am.

If you have the guts, to say something to my face, instead of making a damned webpage about it. Do it.

The "nerd", Timothy Casey Smyth

Psycho Dave's Response:

Casey doesn't get it. I made my page to poke fun at a group of people who desperately need to develop a sense of humor about their hobby. People like this loser react to my opinions on Trek and Trekkies as though I were a skinhead bashing black people -- they take this TV show just a little bit too seriously.

Thu, 31 Jul 1997 Jesse Helmick (thunder@lvdi.net) Wrote:

I logged on to your site to see what you had to say about Trek and the fans. Unfortunately, you are correct about MOST Trekkers being geeks and ANNOYING as HELL!! Believe it or not, I am one of those Trekkers you are WRONG about.

This was not meant to throw anything in your face, to tell you you were wrong. On the contrary. I do agree, for the most part about that. However, there are a few professionals, such as myself who have a healthy interest in the program. But, there are those that need a reality check. There IS more than Star Trek. MUCH more.

I printed out your "Rant of the Month" regarding why Star Trek sucks. Although I have not read it yet, I will soon. More people ought to know about this. Granted, you have some hard hitting views, but my philosophy on self expression is that if you can't express what you feel without being PC (politcally correct), then you have no business opening your trap. It seems yo "shoot from the hip," and I respect that.

Recently, I attended a book signing with James Doohan, "Scotty." I was reminded why I do not attend such functions, and that's because the dorks come out of the damn woodwork! I'm sure you can imagine the humor in the situation as well. BTW, Doohan has written some non-Trek novels, including an autobiography which was very interesting.

Know this, I love Star Trek, but I am not blind or a geek or whatever. I appreciate your views. If you visit my site at LVDI, you will find a couple Star Trek Link pages.. however, these are pages that promote more the show than geeks like the one that you have 'showcased' on spankme.html.

My apologies for the length of this letter.

With your permission, I would like to link to your site for a "perspective" on Star Trek.. I think it would be something new and interesting for a Trek page to link to one such as yours. Possibly even get some of these piss-ants a bit steamed.. but what the hell! :) Please let me know if I can do this.


Psycho Dave's reply:

This letter is highly unusual, in that the writer actually AGREES WITH ME, but still doesn't get the fact that my Trek article was just for fun!

"a b" (yashku@hotmail.com) on Wed, 06 Aug 1997 Wrote:

I found your site on the web, and read the Why Star Trek Sucks section. I ask that you read this, because the least you should do is hear the opinion of one of the fans (not a "Star Trek geek", as you call some).

Star Trek's goal is not to depict how present-day people will live in the future, because its entire premise is that the people in the future are *not* like us. If I said Babylon 5's characters are petty, narrow-minded and greedy like we all are, its fans would say "Right on! Because it's showing us how people like us will live in the future". It is very interesting that you complain that there are no permanent changes in Star Trek's characters, yet you seem to accept that three hundred years of history, that included horrible wars, encounters with aliens and more, have left not even one bit of development in Babylon 5's humans (at least, I didn't see you complain about that).

A Different Society

It's no big deal to show futuristic technology. The real trick is to show a futuristic society, and that's what Star Trek tries to do. Believing that humans, in the future, will only change in terms of technology available to them, is pessimistic and naive. Star Trek (TNG) takes place four hundred years in the future. Four hundred years ago, the late 16th century, we lived very differently. Many discoveries and events have caused us to change our ways of thinking. Take, for example, the environmental conciousness today. 50 years ago there was no such thing. What triggered this is the discovery of the deterioration of the Ozone layer. The 24th century is after a third (nuclear) world war, after "supermen" (created by genetic engineers) rose to power and more. Encounters with extra-terrestrial life forms have led to the understanding that we wouldn't survive unless we became united, and that is exactly why the Federation was founded. I really hope something like the Federation will be founded, because I truly believe such an organization is needed. Of course, that does not mean everyone has to agree with my opinion, but attacking this belief/hope, and calling it "incredibly unlikely and silly" shows, again in my opinion, incredible pessimism.

An Altruistic Organization

The Federation, and not Starfleet, is in charge. (BTW: The reason why you haven't seen anyone enjoying television or movies is because these means of entertainment are history. You don't seem too surprised that no one is listening to the gramophone today). Never has the Federation imposed its opinions on any other world. Rather, if the world is not fit to join the Federation (i.e, they haven't solved all their inner disputes yet, they don't have interstellar travel capability, etc.) it is simply not admitted. Not everyone agrees with the Federation (take the Maquis, for example), but what it tries to do is unite all its members. How you describe Star Trek's characters is exactly supposed to show you that they *are* different from us. Unlike you and I, they are not after political power, nor do they spend their entire lives accumulating money. They are exactly the types of people to sacrifice their lives so that not to contaminate another civilization. Imagine what would have happened if the Roman empire had had nuclear power. Too much power shouldn't be entrusted into the hands of those who are not yet ready to control it, and an entire civilization, no matter how primitve, is more important than any Starfleet personnel. Picard, in Generations, sacrificed an imaginary life to save a primitive planet with 200 million people on it. He also risked his life in "Who Watches the Watchers" to prove he was not God. You could also claim that this was silly; he could have had millions of people, essentially slaves, who would follow his every command, and he turned that down. The one, single reason he did that, the reason for which he also saved Veridian 3, is that it's not moral. Pretending to be God is not moral, and neither is sacrificing 200 million people just for a personal paradise. "Are these people for real?" No. At least, not yet. Hopefully, in the future, they will be.

Alien Cultures

The worlds that the Federation comes across do not always have a single government, but most of them do. That's why the Federation goes there! A world with several governments, each presenting different views, cannot be accepted into a larger organization which has guidelines. As for the technicalities in the aliens, this is a really cheap shot. Of course they all speak English (and breathe Oxygen, and most are bipedal etc., etc.) but THAT'S NOT THE POINT. The point is to show how the society functions. The alien cultures are incredibly diverse and complex, and present a myriad of different views. From the Klingons who are warriors, to the spiritual Bajorans, to the greedy Ferengi, each alien civilization is distinctly different, except for the "aliens of the week", which are just shown to serve a purpose. But there still are quite a few cultures: Cardassians, Vulcans, Klingons, Bajorans, Romulans and Ferengi, just to name a few. Each culture has its own customs, traditions and beliefs.

*Science* Fiction

"Take for example the almost total acceptence of mind-brain duality, and the use of technology to capture a person's essence into a computer's memory chip, and back into another body." Say *what*?! Star Trek is (or rather was, with the advent of Voyager) reasonably consistent with its science. Granted, a certain Uncertainty Principle pretty much makes all attempts to build a transporter futile, but at least they had the decency to come up with Heisenberg Compensators ("How do they work?" "Just fine, thank you.") True, we have had such scientifical atrocities as "The Chase" (all humanoid life are from a progenital race, 4.5 billion years ago), but generally the science is consistent and seems real enough to be used in a sci-fi series.

And finally we have...

The Fans(tm)

Yes, fans who dress up as Star Trek characters, who spend $6,000(!) a year on Star Trek memorabillia, who will beat up anyone who dares to say a bad word about Trek (this is the place to comment, that I realize Trek isn't perfect. It has its flaws, for sure, but knocking it like you did- that's too much) are really in need of psychological therapy. These are, however, a very small portion of Trek fandom. There are a great many fans who simply enjoy Trek as a sci-fi show, different from all the other sci-fi crap on TV. Some (like me) even adorn their rooms with a poster. How is this different from people who like a certain singer? They go to every concert, have posters of him, etc. And to close this topic, one final thing. Being Jewish, I very much resent the term "Trek Nazis". *Nothing* Trek fans have ever done could ever begin to compare with the Nazis' atrocities. I know that you did not come up with the term, but I would very much apreciate it if you stopped using it, or at least didn't do so anywhere Jews could see. I hope you understand.

Psycho Dave responds:

Like one of the previous geeks in my hate-mail, this loser starts of with the cliched "I'm not like those OTHER geeks that you complain about... Then he goes on to write this fucking Ph.D. dissertation on why Star Trek is so wonderful, forward-thinking, and technically superior.

This twinkie might not be EXACTLY like those "other" geeks, but he sure as hell writes like one. Then he repeats my favorite Trek-geek one-liner -- (Imagine a high-pitched, whiney voice saying this) "You don't understand... Star Trek takes place 400 years in the future!!" Well, duh! No Shit, Sherlock. I know what science fiction is. I've been a fan all my life. I just don't take a friggin TV show seriously like this twinkie does.

I only have one thing to say to weenies like this: "Get a grip on reality, chump -- It's ONLY A TV SHOW... Only a TV show... Only a TV show..."

David Lindsey (dhiltonl@penn.com) wrote on 2-9-1999:

P.S. I am like many of those other 'Star Trek geeks'. Just because we're smarter then you, it doesn't make us geeks. If that were true, then everything from slugs up would be called geeks. And, the only reason I devoted so much valuable time and space to respon to your ramblings is because, I feel that ignorance is the most dangerous thing in the universe, and this is a method of eradicating it. By going point by point, you are left with no arguments, and therefore are a fool for starting this in the first place. Note that had I not been bored at 12:30AM on a Tuesday, I wouldn't have written this. I'm also not fat, I actually am five feet, seven inches and, despite the fact that I weigh 140 pounds, I have a body fat percentage in the low range of healthy (and unlike your waist, which I imagine to have seen a lot of crap passed off as food, I have a 31-inch waist, and could probably bench-press you). So, that you're much cooler than us sums it up, does it? Well, obviously such a cool person doesn't actually have to understand sarcasm. What, you were being sarcastic? Good, because if you actually thought that, it would show that you are even more of a loser than your page demonstrates. Not scared of us, are you? Well, I'll tell you what. E-mail me your home address. I'll bathe right before leaving home, put on my nicest tux, and when I come over I'll demonstrate why you should be afraid of us. I've kicked my share of arses, and the prospect of another, this one being the arse of ignorance, pleases me. Poking fun is not the same as insulting someone. The principles of Star Trek deal with a person's fundemental beliefs. Also, only the uncouth resort to swearing constantly. Geek is a mentality? Well, my friend, YOU, not trekkies, are the diseased penis.

This page is copyright 1999 D.H.L. You have permission to reprint this letter only in a full and unedited form. Any other reprinting will result in prosecution.

I decided to take this geek up on his word and post only the last portion of his extensively long email, just to see if I would get sued for it. This dumbass is such a "genius" that he doesn't realize that you cannot sue someone for publishing a private email to you on the web. And what kind of moron would threaten someone with bodily harm over the web? I can't think of a better way to document your intentions (and invite a harrassment suit) than to send a traceable Email!

Randomly Assorted Retards

ss@jbic.com Wrote on Tue, 17 Dec 1996:


Your one stupid cocksucker. Your not straight are you? You look really scary with that makeup on. This is one spooky website. You play with G.I. Joe dolls, correct? Hate is bad is'nt it. YOU seem to hate alot. You hate yourself don't you? Molested as a child maybe? I don't hate you. Why don't you read some of the info. in your black-listed NAZI sites. Learn something, the truth. You already know of the Jewish dominance of our government. I did'nt vote them in. Most are but in place by the president. Just look who's going into the cabinent know. Unless your Jewishw, even if you are you should know that one tiny minority should not control the large majority.By population there well over 100 times over reprisented. Think about it. Cease the childish remarks.


Psycho Dave sez:

This freak speaks for himself, really. Typical of most aryan skinheads, he's got more testosterone than intelligence. Nuff' said?

paiste@swbell.net Wrote on Mon, 17 Mar 1997 20:


yours truley,


Psycho Dave's motto:

Never give a computer to a fucking moron...

Sk8inDevil@aol.com Wrote on Thu, 27 Mar 1997 :


Is this Beavis or Butt-head?

TSearle333@aol.com on Sun, 12 Oct 1997, Wrote:

dear dave

your a real asshole and your page sucks. you are a fucking reject and we don't want to read all your shitty stuff. if you were cool you would show us how to make some explosives so we could kill the white devil.

bye bye mother fucker


Psycho Dave Sez:

Sounds kinda like the letter that the Young Ones wrote the bank:

"My Darling Fascist bullie-boys, Gimme some money. You Bastards."